Smallrig - 3281 Accessory Kit Aero pre DJI FPV

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Smallrig - 3281 Accessory Kit Aero pre DJI FPV
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Balenia priehľadného krytu stabilizátora, multifunkčného montážneho držiaka, dvoch párov vertikálneho chvosta a 3 farebných prispôsobených nálepiek.

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The transparent gimbal head protector can reduce airstream interference on the gimbal head during flight, ensuring smooth and stable video footage.

It is precisely molded all-in-one high-quality optical material with a light transmittance of over 90%.

Aerodynamic curve modeling, optimizing the airflow on the airplane nose and reducing the drag coefficient.

Reduced energy consumption and improved performance at high speeds.

The multifunctional mounting bracket adopts a triangular support, which is integrated with the exterior of the fuselage.

The multifunctional mounting bracket was intactly installed in FPV screw holes that support high centrifugal force and acceleration in fancy flight.

Adapted to multiple action cameras and panoramic cameras in both aerial photography and racing scenes.

Optimized in computer-assisted simulation tests, ensuring high heading stability and attitude hold during flight and ultimate performance in high-speed competitions.

Vertical tails are Intactly installed in original screw holes of the fuselage.

Vertical tails use the quick-release design between the vertical tails baseplate and body.

High-quality removable PVC stickers can be accurately cut in line with the camber of the fuselage that adapts to the arc of the fuselage, fit tightly, and tear off without traces.

Professional outdoor ink print is waterproof and sun-proof with long-lasting colors.

A gas vent is built in the rear that stickers can be fit without air bubbles.

Package Includes:
1 x Transparent gimbal head protector
1 x Multifunctional mounting bracket
2 x Vertical tails(left)
2 x Vertical tails(right)
3 x 3D colorful customized stickers
1 x Thumbscrew
8 x Long screw
6 x Short screw

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Záruka: 2 roky

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